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The Chakra Dhyana is an ancient meditation that cleanses and opens the seven major energy centers in the body, also known as Chakras.
This powerful meditation clears, activates, energizes and awakens the Chakras, or major energy centers of the body. By focusing awareness on each chakra while chanting the 'sound frequency' of that energy center, the chakra is healed and activated to it's full potential, clearing past traumas and bringing balance to the mind, body and soul.
This simple meditation, when practiced regularly, will enhance and deepen your connection to yourself and all that is, and create more energy in your daily life.
This CD includes two versions of the Moola Mantra, a Sanskrit prayer invoking the Presence of the Divine. Listening to this prayer can bring about peace, joy, and stillness of the mind.

Composer: Rebecca L Roth | Duration: 00:28:35 | Size: 4.86Mb

01 Intro Instruction
02 Moola Mantra
03 Chakra Dhyana
04 Moola Mantra
MP3 Download Only
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