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Guided meditations to help you with specific problems in your life.

The Ultimate Relaxation 10 Guided Meditation Tracks

A great guided meditation with mellow ambient music and Lisa's soft voice easing you into the start of your day.
The rest of the CD ...

Composer: Lisa Wagner | Duration: 01:10:23 | Size: 2.55Mb

Price: $14.95

Chakra Dhyana Meditation MP3 Download Only

The Chakra Dhyana is an ancient meditation that cleanses and opens the seven major energy centers in the body, also known as Chakras.
This powerful ...

Composer: Rebecca L Roth | Duration: 00:28:35 | Size: 4.86Mb

Price: $14.95

Epic Meditations MP3 Download Only

Epic Meditations is the latest CD from guided meditation specialist Lisa Wagner. Each meditation track concentrates on a specific desire or action that needs ...

Composer: Lisa Wagner | Duration: 01:15:26 | Size: 15.47Mb

Price: $14.95

11 Minute Nap MP3 Download Only

Sit back, get comfortable and come along on a jouney with Janet Montgomery, C.Ht. Her soothing voice and the uplifting instrumental sounds of Jeff Gold's ...
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Composer: Janet Montgomery, C.Ht. | Duration: 00:10:34 | Size: 14.53Mb

Price: $14.95

Fast Technique for Stress Relief (Basic) 1 hour long CD or download

The FAST program is the latest advance in guided relaxation and won "Best Audio" in the annual Books and Authors' awards. This basic techniques CD ...

Composer: Ronald G. Nathan, Ph.D. | Duration: 01:11:03 | Size: 38.08Mb

Price: $14.95

Fast Technique for Stress Relief (Advanced) 1 hour long CD or download

This advanced techniques CD from Dr. Nathanís award-winning FAST program will help you enjoy living with more confidence, pleasure and success. The first track introduces ...
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Composer: Ronald G. Nathan, Ph.D. | Duration: 00:58:55 | Size: 37.68Mb

Price: $14.95

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Ocean Surf Litefree MP3 download
This is a 10 minute version of our hour long ocean surf MP3 file.
Quieting Your Mind free MP3 download
This short guided meditation will help you quiet your mind to give it a break from all of the thoughts that are constantly racing through your mind
Fast Technique for Stress Relief (free)
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