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Do you have a Natural Products store or do you own a Massage Therapy business or even website that sells relaxation products over the internet?

Our Nature Sounds and Nature Music audio CDs might be the perfect addition to your product line.

Partners In Rhyme is making its very popular line of relaxation audio CDs available at wholesale prices. We create and ship them directly to you.

Our retail price for these audio CDs ranges from $17.95 to $24.90. Even if you order under 100 units a product you would still be able to more than double your investment with these specialized high-quality audio CDs designed to transport the listener to calmer state of being.

You will also receive free MP3 download access to the items in your order so that you can create your own MP3 playlist to play as samples for your customers to listen to in your store.


How to Order

Scroll down this page for a full list of products, SKU numbers and audio samples for each of the products.
Decide which ones you like and how many you would like of each product. Then:

Click here to download our pdf wholesale order form

Download and fill out the Partners In Rhyme Wholesale Order From and fax it to us at:
We will get right back to you with a shipping quote and delivery ETA.
If you have questions and would like to speak with us directly please call:

PIR US: 323-774-1389
PIR Europe: 00 44 115 714 8297


Wholesale Prices

Standard Jewel Case Packaging
CDR Four color printing on disc face with 2 panel 4/1 insert and tray card 4/0 Standard jewel case with black tray card, assembled, poly wrap. The prices below are per product and not applicable to the total amount of a multiple product order.

>1000 units $3.29 ea
750-999 units $4.29 ea
500-749 units $5.39 ea
250-499 units $6.68 ea
100-249 units $7.89 ea
100 units $8.98 ea



We ship anywhere in the world from our manufacturer in California.
We use DHL for shipping worldwide and in the US.
YOu can also use your own shipping company to pick up your order at the manufacturer if you prefer.

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

200 CDs fit into a single box.
This is then double boxed for added protection for overseas shipping.
The final box size is 24 X 12 X 12 and the weight is 40 lbs.

Example Images of Final Product

Available Products and SKU Numbers

Ambient Music and Nature Sounds CDs

EA32 Spiritual Rain
A 1 hour audio CD containing 5 ambient music tracks layered with rain and wind sounds.
EA22 Magic Shores
This hour long audio CD has 4 tracks of beautiful ambient music layered ocean surf sounds.
EA33 Himalayan Relaxation
This 1 hour long audio CD contains relaxing Himalayan music layered over flowing water sounds.
EA35 Atmospheric Masq
A variety of relaxing musical interludes played over rain and water sounds.
EA34 India Water Garden
Relaxing Indian music layered over flowing water sounds recorded in India.

Ambient Nature Sounds CDs

EA16 Ocean Surf
Let the relaxing sound of a gentle Ocean Surf wash over you on this hour long relaxation CD.
EA25 Ocean Waves
Big pounding surf on the high seas, waves crashing into the shore as the mist sizzles in your ears.
EA21 Thunderstorm
An hour long relaxation CD of rolling thunder and a light rain shower.
EA19 Strong Wind
These wind sounds were recorded in Wellington, New Zealand and give you the feeling of being surrounded by wind.
EA26 The Perfect Storm
The Perfect Storm audio cd is one hour of churning, howling winds and rains with rumbing thunder in the background.
EA20 Stormy Night
Imagine yourself inside your nice warm house while a raging storm is pounding on your windows.
EA15 Jungle Waterfall
Let the relaxing and exotic sound of a Jungle Waterfall surround you on this hour long CD.
EA02 Soothing Waters
Relax to the soothing sound of streams, rain and a gentle breeze. Soothing Waters i is a composite of three water audio textures.
EA17 Rain
A hard heavy rain surrounds you in full stereo on an hour long audio relaxation CD. The hard rain sounds like white noise.
EA27 Amazon Nights
This hour long CD contains three 20 minute tracks of Amazon jungle ambience.
EA14 Jungle Rain Shower
The bigs raindrops of a light rain shower hit the leaves of the jungle canopy in this hour long audio CD.
EA18 Blustery Wind
The Blustery Wind relaxation cd can mask outside noises and help you concentrate.

New Zealand Nature Sounds

EA04 Rain Forest Storm
The beautifully wet and drippy sound of a New Zealand rainforest during a mild rain shower.
EA07 Ohakune Mockingbird
Tropical birds from the forests along this beautiful nature walk in a special area of the North Island of NZ.
EA05 Ohakune Forest Walk
Take a walk through a New Zealand forest and listen to the exotic, almost prehistoric tropical birds that live there.
EA08 Waitomo Walkway 1
Take a morning stroll through one of the many trails in the forests of Waitomo on the north Island.
EA09 Waitomo Walkway 2
Take an evening stroll through one of the many trails in the forests of Waitomo on the north Island of New Zealand.
EA06 Gentle Waves
Maori regard land, soil and water as taonga (treasures). . In many Maori dances poi balls are twirled and whirled to imitate.

Nature Music Download

Relax and Meditate
You can download these popular nature relaxation tracks and guided meditations and start relaxing today.

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You can also license many of our hour long audio files to use in your own guided meditation and relaxation products (click on the available licensing options links).

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Free Downloads
Available tracks in the free download area of your registered account:
Ocean Surf Litefree MP3 download
This is a 10 minute version of our hour long ocean surf MP3 file.
Quieting Your Mind free MP3 download
This short guided meditation will help you quiet your mind to give it a break from all of the thoughts that are constantly racing through your mind
Fast Technique for Stress Relief (free)
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